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Renewable Fuel Standard Volumes Underestimate Biodiesel Potential…Again

November 30, 2017

ANKENY, Iowa – The Environmental Protection Agency today released new Renewable Fuel Standard volumes, essentially holding flat the amount of biofuel that must be used to diversify the U.S. fuel supply. The 2019 “biomass-based diesel” category is set at the same 2.1 billion gallons required in 2018. The “advanced biofuels” category, which biodiesel helps fill, is set at 4.29 billion gallons, a slight increase over 4.28 billion gallons. 

Grant Kimberley, executive director of the Iowa Biodiesel Board, issued the following statement: 

“We have always pushed for steady biodiesel growth under the Renewable Fuel Standard, fulfilling both the potential of the industry and the intent of the law. We have consistently met and exceeded the volumes set by EPA. We believe we will exceed expectations again, but these flat volumes send a weak signal to the market at a time when our plants could significantly increase production and expand capacity. Many plants in Iowa and beyond stand ready to make new investments in boots on the ground and brick and mortar projects, which would create jobs and spur growth in agriculture and rural America. 

“The RFS decision now brings a heightened urgency to extending the federal biodiesel tax credit, which will augment U.S. demand and could reenergize economic growth. It’s up to Congress to advance this good policy.

“We look forward to working with President Trump and his Administration in the coming year, making the case for why steady growth in the RFS is good policy for America and a strong driver for economic success. 

“We also want to thank Iowa’s entire political leadership, including Gov. Kim Reynolds, Sen. Joni Ernst, and of course, our decades-long champion, Sen. Chuck Grassley. Their tireless work in advancing biodiesel policies that benefit Iowa and the nation have truly made a difference.” 

The Iowa Biodiesel Board is a state trade association representing the biodiesel industry.  

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