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Multi-Million Dollar Upgrade at REG Ralston Spells Growth for Economy

May 9, 2018

(ANKENY, IOWA) – Renewable Energy Group (REG), a biodiesel producer, celebrates the completed expansion of its Ralston, Iowa biodiesel plant today. The plant has the distinction of being one of the first biodiesel plants in the nation, originally constructed in 2002. Plant capacity has more than doubled to 30 million gallons, compared to its original output of 12 million gallons annually. Iowa Biodiesel Board Executive Director Grant Kimberley issued the following statement on the occasion of the REG open house celebration:  

“We congratulate REG on this expansion of its flagship biodiesel plant in Ralston. We are fortunate that REG has its headquarters here in Iowa, and continues to invest heavily in biodiesel infrastructure, benefiting the state’s economy. This $32 million dollar expansion will be a boon to the Ralston community and beyond.

“Expansion like this is only possible when companies have faith in the demand for a product and in the policies surrounding biodiesel production. I know REG and the entire biodiesel industry are grateful to our fellow Iowans for using our homegrown fuel, and for our leaders who have made Iowa one of the most biodiesel-friendly states in the nation, despite uncertain federal policy.

“We thank REG President and CEO Randy Howard and the entire REG staff and board for their investment in Iowa biodiesel. It makes the state of Iowa stronger and greener, and reinforces our position as the national leader in renewable fuel production.”

The Iowa Biodiesel Board is a state trade association representing the biodiesel industry. 

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