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Letters: Iowa Biofuels Standard should be passed

As published in the Des Moines Register, April 20, 2021

The clock is running out for our legislature to pass the Iowa Biofuels Standard. We need legislators to step up and vote “yes” on this legislation to make biodiesel and ethanol blends the standard here rather than the “alternative.” This is a states’ rights issue. As automakers announce plans to go all-electric, and other states actively work to push out fossil fuel altogether in favor of electric vehicles, we risk not only the renewable fuels industry, but facing serious dependency on China. That’s because China dominates the EV battery supply chain. 

Legislators in favor of this bill are essentially putting our economy above China’s long-term. Furthermore, anything short of a “yes” vote leaves the success of the renewable fuels industry at the mercy of the Renewable Fuels Standard and the Environmental Protection Agency. We need to take back some control of our own economic and environmental future. Additionally, even though this legislation makes many reasonable exceptions for selling traditional petroleum, some legislators continue to cling to a stubborn “anti-mandate” stance. It’s time to move past that – all legislation represents some type of mandate! We need our legislators to vote “yes” to support renewable fuels and in turn, Iowa agriculture.

Ron Heck
Perry, Iowa 

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