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Dave Walton

Iowa Soybean Association

Dave Walton

Dave Walton is a farmer from Wilton, Iowa. He grows soybeans, corn, alfalfa, grass hay, and raises beef cattle, and sheep. Dave took over the farm from his father, and his oldest son is now joining the operation. His wife Paula, and youngest son Alex have also been an integral part of the operation.  Walton still operates land that has been in the family since 1855.

Dave serves as a director on the Iowa Biodiesel Board, representing the Iowa Soybean Association. Since 2001, has served at the county level as well as ISA’s Treasurer, Secretary, and At-Large officer positions. Walton completed the ASA/DuPont Young Leader program in 2003, and more recently, the Syngenta Leadership At Its Best Program, as well as variety of leadership development programs sponsored by ASA and ISA.  Walton is a member of the Iowa Cattleman's Assn., Iowa Corn Growers Assn., and the Iowa Sheep Industry Assn. as well as their respective national organizations.

Walton attended Iowa State University where he studied Animal Science and furthered his education at Muscatine Community College where he took Business Management classes at night while he worked full-time for HON Industries in Muscatine Iowa. Walton’s farming roots trace back to Colonial times and he enjoys studying Genealogy and has a special interest in replicating the crops that would have been grown throughout his family history.  He enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking, and growing food for others.

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