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September 2011

Sep 12
Burning the Midnight Oil: Biodiesel producer, petroleum distributor elected to lead Iowa Biodiesel Board

New chair will help make biodiesel more available to Iowa diesel consumers


July 2011

Jul 15
Iowa Congressional Delegation signs on to job-stimulating biodiesel legislation

Federal legislation to extend biodiesel tax incentive more critical than ever


May 2011

May 26
Back in Business: Governor Signs Biodiesel Legislation

 Iowa Biodiesel Board applauds comprehensive legislation to grow jobs; keep Iowa competitive


May 4
State passes broad legislation to promote Iowa biodiesel growth

Iowa Biodiesel Board praises comprehensive legislation to grow jobs; keep Iowa competitive


April 2011

Apr 25
Iowa Biodiesel Board Applauds Economic Development Grants

State grants for infrastructure, education help keep Iowa a leading biofuel state


March 2011

Mar 17
Top 10 ways to celebrate National Biodiesel Day in Iowa

March 18 puts focus on biodiesel’s contributions to state economy, environment and energy security


February 2011

Feb 23
House Ag Committee Passes Biodiesel Incentive Bill

Iowa Biodiesel Board supports bill to grow jobs; keep Iowa competitive

Feb 16
Iowa Biodiesel Producers Push for Support at State Capitol

Biodiesel legislation would grow local jobs; support Iowa’s energy leadership position

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