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Iowa Biodiesel Board releases data showing 76 percent of voters support expanding biodiesel under Renewable Fuel Standard

(ANEKNY, Iowa) -- As the parade of presidential hopefuls continues at the Iowa State Fair this week, the Iowa Biodiesel Board reminds them just how important biodiesel is to the state’s voters.

According to the group’s annual independent public opinion research, the state trade association said today 76 percent of voters in Iowa widely support expanding the Renewable Fuel Standard to increase biodiesel use in the United States.

The majority of voters surveyed also said a presidential candidate’s view on the RFS is important to their vote.

Grant Kimberley, executive director of the Iowa Biodiesel Board, said a candidate’s support for renewable fuels should be a central campaign issue, both in Iowa and beyond.

“Growing a diverse, domestic energy supply is one of the most critical challenges our nation faces,” Kimberley said. “There are many foreign security threats today, which only strengthen the argument for domestic fuel production. The RFS has helped us move in that direction, but it’s a policy constantly under threat. Where the next president stands on this should matter to voters.”

The IBB has reached out to several campaign leaders, inviting candidates from both parties to tour one of the state’s 12 biodiesel plants. The group plans to share the voter data with those same campaigns.

“As a sustainable, commercially available advanced biofuel with economic and environmental benefits, biodiesel is a shining success in what America’s innovative farmers and small business community can achieve in energy production,” Kimberley said.

Iowa is the top biodiesel-producing state, supporting 4,376 full-time equivalent jobs.

A professional public opinion research firm, Moore Information, conducted the online survey of 500 Iowans in late July.
Biodiesel is made from a variety of resources including soybean oil, recycled cooking oil and animal fats. The Iowa Biodiesel Board is a nonpartisan state trade association representing the biodiesel industry.  For more, visit

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