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Iowa Biodiesel Day on the Hill

Iowa Biodiesel Day on the Hill

March 7, 2019
Des Moines, Iowa

Biodiesel Supporters Demonstrate Policy Success at State Capitol

More than 75 biodiesel supporters took to the Iowa State Capitol to remind lawmakers just how well their comprehensive state policies on biodiesel have worked.

More than half of Iowa’s diesel supply contains biodiesel, increasing availability to Iowans, and the state remains the top producer of the renewable fuel, proponents said. 

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The “Iowa Biodiesel Day on the Hill” took place at the Capitol, which included legislator meetings and a luncheon hosted by the Iowa Biodiesel Board. The IBB’s 2019 legislative priorities include maintaining support for the following successful policies: 

  • Biodiesel Retailer Credit (Retailers carrying 5 percent biodiesel (B5) can claim a 3.5 cents-per-gallon incentive. Retailers carrying B11 or higher can claim a 5.5 cents-per-gallon incentive). 
  • B11 Fuel Tax Differential (A 3-cent differential in Fuel Tax for blends of 11 percent or higher). 
  • Biodiesel Production Credit (An incentive of 2 cents-per-gallon to encourage in-state production). 
  • A Fully Funded Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Program ($3 million annually for biodiesel and ethanol, to help upgrade petroleum equipment). 

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Members and staff at the Capitol

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Meeting with Speaker of the House Linda Upmeyer

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Hundreds learn about biodiesel in the lunch line

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Iowa Department of Revenue data show that 51 percent of the state’s diesel fuel contained biodiesel in 2017, a dramatic increase from previous years, increasing availability and choice for all Iowans.

Also, at 365 million gallons of estimated production in 2018, Iowa remains the nation’s leading biodiesel producer, representatives said.  

“Smart policies that encourage both production and use help Iowa capture the economic and environmental benefits of federal policies like the Renewable Fuel Standard,” said Grant Kimberley, Iowa Biodiesel Board executive director.  

State policies also help Iowa’s producers weather uncertainty in those federal policies, Kimberley said.

He pointed out the federal tax incentive for biodiesel has repeatedly lapsed, and Congress has not yet reinstated it.  

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