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Biodiesel for Diesel Technicians training program

The Iowa Biodiesel Board leads a unique diesel technician instructors training program.  The Biodiesel for Diesel Technicians program trains community college instructors in teaching biodiesel curriculum.  The instructors then train their college students on biodiesel, but also host workshops for diesel mechanics already in the workforce. 

“Our goal is to increase biodiesel education and use,” said Jerry Burns, a Des Moines Area Community College instructor.  “The feedback we get is that they walk away knowing so much more about how biodiesel works in a diesel engine.  When they leave they are not really concerned about using it in their engines, as long as the fuel is high quality biodiesel and not an imposter.” 

Thanks to a Clean Cities grant, training opportunities are available for diesel mechanics of any level to learn about biodiesel in the diesel engine through this program:

June 11, Northwest Iowa Community College

June 16, Indian Hills Community College

Instructor Jerry Burns signs students up for biodiesel training
Instructor Jerry Burns signs students up for training


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